Passing The ICAEW Case Study

The final and toughest hurdle to pass

Our approach is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding required to pass the Case Study exam. The ICAEW Case Study exam is like no other examination you will have experienced and without the correct guidance it is common for students to feel underprepared.

Whether this is your first attempt or you are resitting the exam, the tools to pass the exam are here for you. 

As well as full tuition courses, we have workshops, mock exams, ICAEW standard marking services, advance information and exam room packs and our Steps To Pass In Case e-learning book.

Passing the ICAEW Case Study is the final hurdle you need to clear before you can start your career as a fully qualified Chartered Accountant.

How We Can Help You

Our Case Study expert tutors have nearly 17 years of experience of this unique examination. From marking live Case Study exams, tutoring UK and overseas students, writing mock examination for other Case Study tuition providers and for large national professional training companies, we understand exactly what is required to pass the Case Study Exam.

  • High pass rates achieved with 95% of students passing who completed one of our courses which includes our four mock examinations

  • Pass Guarantee scheme in place on all tuition courses and our four mock exam bundles

  • Highly flexible courses and we can tailor a bespoke course to fit with your workload and other commitments

  • All courses are accessible on your smart phone, tablet or laptop allowing you to learn whilst commuting or during breaks

  • We understand one approach doesn't fit all students and we tailor your approach to your strengths

  • Our stated objective is to achieve the highest pass rates of all tuition providers, whilst ensuring our courses are affordable for all students

Our Range Of Courses For You

Our range of courses are flexible to allow you the greatest choice to choose exactly what you need. From our full tuition services through to bespoke courses tailored exactly to your requirements, we are able to support all your requirements and at an affordable price.

Our Most Popular Courses & Affordable Prices


Full Tuition - Live

Full Tuition – On Demand

Self-Tuition With Marking Service

Self-Tuition Self Marking

All Four Mocks Bundle

Price (early offer to 18 September 2021)

£450 Early

£595 Full

£350 Early

£450 Full




Payment Plan (3 months)






Pass Guarantee






Live Tuition (virtual classroom)






On Demand Video Content






Mock Exams






Marking Service Mock Exams

3 (Mocks 2,3,4)

1 (Mock 2)

4 (All mocks)

No, marking service can be bought for £50.00 per paper

No, marking service can be bought for £50.00 per paper

Advance Information & Exam Pack





No, this pack can be purchased for £50.00

Steps To Pass In Case Course





No, this course can be purchased for £30.00

1:1 Sessions to finalise technique 

(after mock 3)

Yes – during working hours / small groups after 5pm

No, although 1:1 tuition is available at £60.00 per hour

No, although 1:1 tuition is available at £60.00 per hour

No, although 1:1 tuition is available at £60.00 per hour

No, although 1:1 tuition is available at £60.00 per hour

Benchmarked equivalent or similar course costs (inc. VAT) £850 to £1,659.60  £795 to £929  £670 to £1,206  £370 to £438 £288* to £295**
*5 mocks
**4 mocks

Our benchmarking figures are based on three different tuition providers and their list prices for the November 2020 sitting. Only one of the providers had an equivalent product to our Steps To Pass In Case, which was priced at £60.00 and available only as an offline printed version.

Create Your Own Course

We have priced up our most popular combinations of courses in order to bring you our standard offering above. However, our aim is to be as flexible as possible for you and this means you can also create your own course. For instance, you may wish to do the following:

  • Advance Information Workshop (standard price £60.00)
  • Advance Information Pack & Exam Pack (standard price £50.00)
  • 3 mock exams (standard price £130.00)
  • 1 mock exam marked (standard price £50.00
  • 1:1 session (standard price £60.00 per hour)
  • Steps To Pass In Case  (standard price £30.00)

Pricing this separately would be £380.00, however we would provide this as your own personal bundled course for £295.00. Just email us at and we will help you build your own course to fit with your needs and timetable.

We believe we are the only tuition provider to offer you this great flexibility at affordable prices. You know better than us how much time you realistically have and how much support you will need. When you start your work on the Advance Information, should you decide you need more support, we can add this to your course.

More Than One Student Discount

We also offer a discount of 5% for two students, 10% for three students, 15% for four students and 20% for five or more students. This rate applies to all our products except the marking service. Each student must purchase the same courses. Please email us at and we can create you and your colleagues or friends a discount voucher for the course you wish to join.

Private Tuition

We charge £60.00 per hour for private tuition whether this is for one student on a 1:1 or a small group of students. This is a great way for you to team up with colleagues and share the cost of our tuition. Time slots are limited, so if you are interested in a 1:1 session, please email us as soon as possible at so we can add you to our diary.


If you are undecided about which option to go for, we can always offer you an upgrade route where you pay the difference in the price. You must purchase one of our standard bundles and then we will hold a place for you up to 16 April on all of the higher value courses. However, if you decide to upgrade after 31 January 2021, you would need to pay the higher price on the Full Tuition Live and Full Tuition On Demand courses.

Facebook Chat Group

We have set up a dedicated Facebook Chat Group for the ICAEW Case Study examination. Join this group for free, receive discount offers on our list prices and throughout the period from the release of the Advance Information to the date of your exam, you can post questions and gain from some invaluable tips we post. To join, search for Pass In Training - ICAEW Chat Group or click this link

Mock Examinations

With over 9 years experience in writing ICAEW Case Study mock examinations, our style and structure make our mocks feel like the real exam.

  • Flexible Options

    We have four mock exams available for you to practice the scenarios we consider the most likely to be in the real exam. You can buy each exam separately or as a bundle depending on the time you have available to invest in the Case Study exam.

  • Available Online

    Our mock examinations are available online, allowing you to position your paper as if it was inside the ICAEW CBE practice software. This is as close as you can get to the real exam and once you've completed your mock on the ICAEW practice CBE software, it can be saved onto your laptop and uploaded for us to mark.

  • Marking & Feedback

    You will have access to our marking keys to download and mark your own paper. Alternatively we have a limited number of papers we can mark using ICAEW trained markers. You will also have access to a forum for each mock examination, where you can ask questions and join in discussions.

Steps To Pass In Case

Online e-course / e-book providing you with the blueprint to pass the ICAEW Case Study Exam - Join us and download the first chapter for free.

  • Knowledge, Technique, Application & Feedback

    These are the fundamentals to passing the Case Study. Our online e-course "Steps To Pass In Case" focuses on your Knowledge & Technique. Our Mock Exam pack enables you to apply your Knowledge, practice your Technique and provides you with Feedback.

  • Flexible Courses That Work For You

    The only deadline is the examination date. You have complete flexibility to access our "Steps To Pass Case" e-course, complete the full course or choose the sections that apply to you. Whether it's your first attempt or you are resitting, the flexibility will allow you to learn when it works for you.

  • Available Across Mobile Devices

    You can look up all parts of the course on any mobile, laptop or desktop device giving you access whilst you are travelling. You can learn on your commute to work, lunch break or look up our suggested approaches during tuition breaks with other providers.

  • £30.00

    £30.00Steps To Pass In Case - Online Book

    Buy Now

Pricing starts at £50.00 for each mock exam. Double bundle for £95.00. Triple Bundle £130.00. All Four for £155.00

  • £60.00

    £60.00July 2023 - Mock Exam 1

    Pre-order now and sit from 30th September
    Buy Now
  • £105.00

    £105.00July 2023 - Double Mock Exam Bundle

    Pre-order now and available to start sitting from 30th September
    Buy Now
  • £140.00

    £140.00July 2023 - Triple Mock Exam Bundle

    Pre-order now and available to start sitting from 30th September
    Buy Now
  • £160.00

    £160.00July 2023 - All Four Mock Exam Bundle

    Pre-order now and available to start sitting from 30th September
    Buy Now

Advance Information Pack

Our Advance Information Pack summarises all the key points you need to understand ahead of the Case Study examination

  • Get Ahead

    Whilst we recommend you do your own preparation to fully understand the Case Study, our pack can supplement your work and improve your Knowledge. It's a good tool as well for students who are under-prepared to catch up quickly.

  • Fine Tune

    You can use our Advance Information forum to ask questions and fine tune your knowledge of the Case Study.

  • Available On the Go

    As well as being able to download the Advance Information Pack, it will also be available on your mobile device making it easy for you to revise whilst on the move.

  • £50.00

    £50.00July 2023 - Advance Information Study Pack

    Available to download from 2nd Octo
    Buy Now

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